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A Facebook response


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The Salvation Steps; in brief

This was an email I sent out to someone, thought I may as well send it to all:

I am totally saved and have had witnesses to the evidence of that salvation.  I was trying to find out if we were on the same page as to how that is accomplished.  Your email was enough to tell me we are not.  While you must believe, you CANNOT believe yourself into heaven.  Maybe you agree with this and are not saying it, or maybe, like so many others, you have been mislead into disregarding nearly ALL the Disciples works.  Here’s the way I see and know it to be, 1.) repentance – Yes you must do this, but you can’t just say it, OR DO it.  You must perform the outward act that was laid down by Jesus, John the Baptist and all the disciples as your public statement that this is in fact your day of repentance from sins against God and turning away from the ways of the world and following the ways of God, and, yes you must go forth from that point in true belief that the Lord has forgiven your sins thru this act-statement. Which, by the way is the Water Baptism, by full immersion and the words “I Baptize you in the Name of Jesus Christ” called over you.  Not one baptism in the bible ever used the three titles that some use.  2.) You must seek to be filled with the Holy Ghost – and you cannot claim that of yourself or because you had even a genuine “touch” from God, which would make one feel pretty good but, it is not the sign.  There is a definite sign, it happened every time someone received the Holy Ghost in the Bible and it must happen today! That would be, while you’re praying and seeking this gift of in-fillment from God, that your prayer begins to come forth from your mouth in another language, that you have not previously learned or practised, this is the evidence and it must happen!  You don’t even need a witness to it if you can honestly say that this has happened to you, besides, it’s likely to  happen many times once you receive the initial filling.  The other things you stated, the believing that He did die and rose again, etc… all good and correct.

While I’m here, I may as well mention, there is a third Baptism.  Some in my own circles are so scared to embrace this that, like other scriptures, it just gets ignored.  This would be the Fire Baptism.  It is a real full imersion baptism like the first two, with one Major difference!  YOU and everyone on the planet WILL go thru this Baptism of Fire!!! No exceptions.  Many falsely believe that the fire baptism was either the cloven tongues of fire in the upper room, or the “fiery” trials we go thru here on earth.  While both of those are very real, they are NOT the fire baptism.  That baptism will be the very very last act that God will perform toward us, yes HE will DO this baptism, before entry into the true eternity He has waiting for us. In fact, that IS the entry into eternity, for all! You will either go thru the fire with Him, emerging into His “world”, or you will simply enter into the fire, and you will have entered “your” eternity, the fire itself!

Now, like I said, I could be wrong about your position on this, but I am not wrong about mine.

May The God of all creation guide you most correctly with all love, regardless of our positions.

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Thank You, and A Repost Request….

First let me ask that you repost the link that brought you here so all those that connect to you may have at least one chance to have a look around for themselves. Thank you for that.  Now….

I’m writing this post primarily to thank all you who have confirmed on Facebook, Twitter and the others.  Although my primary purpose is to spread my writing as far as I can, and gain readers in the process, it is not lost on me that none of you had to do this and some of you most certainly hesitated.  I would ask that you read the Who Am I page at the top and you may begin to know me, or know me again.  Some of you and I share ancient history, and neither of us are the same today.  So, feel free to send me an email about you, your life, whatever.  And if you don’t feel close enough, or just don’t want to, that’s ok. I’m not really asking anyone to, just saying, feel free.  Let me know if you have a blog!

If you clicked on this post, in whatever application, you’ve found one of my blogs. The second one can be accessed via the buttons at top.  Please, look around, and tell me what you think.  I really want comments of your opinion on the topics and content of each post that interest you.  Obviously, I feel the Bible studies are important but, here is the most important thing I could tell you; anything to do with God and your relationship with Him must come about as an act of your own free will!  So, I’m not here to push, convert, convince, beg or plead.  I am here to share, teach, discuss and discover.  And most importantly, find as many as I can that would have a look at what flows out, so possibility exist of having a seed planted.

If you really don’t want the religious side of me, I’m ok with that.  I am not a religious fanatic, not at all!  Just a normal guy with normal memories like you but, sometime I like to write them down,too.  So, like I said, go check out my short stories.  None of this is meant to be professional, it’s just sharing.

Thank you very much, who ever you are, and I hope that all this, any of this, will be of benefit you all!

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I NEED you to see this, please.

I just added and managed some social media settings.  It’s all intended to help make sure YOU have been invited to partake of my blog posts.  And now you have!  Welcome.  Stop by often.

Check out some of the posts by clicking on the categories there to the right, or go to my short story blog thru the button at the top.

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The Journey to Reclaim Godly Femininity Part I

Top of Form

I was doing some “tag surfing”, following some links to key words that were posted for my site to find similar sites, and I found this posting that I was very impressed with. I found two actually; I’ll get the other one up momentarily, by the same author. Her blog is The Gentle Home. Check it out!

On the next two posts that you’ll see here, from this author, I have included the comments. But, not on this one.  Brittany, if you read this, I must say I’m even more impressed that you have been confronted by Satan‘s zombie soldiers, the ones that don’t even know they’re doing his work, and yet you have still pushed on. I call that the power of the Holy Ghost! Paul, and a lot of others, had and have that. Keep studying, keep praying, and keep writing. I don’t back down from Satan, but neither will I help him by pushing that extreme negative forward. 

*Somehow I was confused about Brittany’s name, it has been corrected and I apologise to her.

The Journey to Reclaim Godly Femininity Part I


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We have lost so much.

I write this with a burden on my heart to reclaim something I didn’t know I was missing… until now.

I’ve been reading lately scriptures that paint a portrait of how Godly women ought to conduct themselves in speech, dress and actions. It is so much more than how we present ourselves physically (although that is important and I will share my thoughts about that later). One very beautiful description of a Godly woman is found in 1 Peter 3: 3-4:

“Do not let your adornment be merely outward, arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel- rather let it be the hidden person of the heart with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”

Portrayed here is just one lovely example of Godly femininity. She does not draw attention to herself by wearing overly fancy and expensive clothing; she is humble. She knows her true self is hidden within her (and not determined by how she looks), so she does not strive to make herself known but waits to be sought. She does not get upset when others misjudge her but has a soft and quiet way about her. Her confident beauty radiates from within, making her shine bright.

As I sit back and imagine such a beautiful creature, I am immediately convicted of my own shortcomings in my marriage, speech and conduct. But at the same time, I am inspired and uplifted by this image, filled with hope and invited to draw closer to understand and become all I was created to be.

Thinking about Godly femininity, one of the first things I asked God was, “Why is femininity so important anyway?” Especially in this world where women are encouraged to do anything a man can do. The verse that I thought about goes back to the beginning, back to Genesis where God said,

“Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…So God created man in His own image; in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:26-27 (emphasis mine)

God could have made everyone the same, but He didn’t. In His beauty He made them male and female; He made them different. (Thanks to Above Rubies for providing this insight). And in making them male and female, God chose to reveal something of His heart and His character to the world. In man, God reveals his warrior quality, His heart of action, strength and provision, and in woman God reveals His tenderness, compassion, beauty and intimacy with His beloved creation. (Isaiah 42:13-14) Oh, just to meditate on this would be enough! God is exceedingly beautiful, deep and mysterious. He is constantly, yes, lavishly pouring Himself out for us, if only we would take notice.

Two tremendously important aspects of femininity are
bearing children and breastfeeding. It is something only a woman can do, and God meant for it to be that way. His design will never change. When we go to put our baby to our breast to comfort and sustain her, we tell our children and others “God wants to comfort you, He wants to sustain you with Himself.” (Isaiah 49:14-15) Each time we conceive life and nourish it within our bodies we tell the world, “God is in the business of giving life and desires to give you new life through Himself.” Just as a baby lives and moves and has its being inside its mother, so this verse describes us as we are in Him:

“For in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’ “

Acts 17:28

I believe the Adversary, the devil, strives eagerly to stamp out this revelation of God’s tender compassion and care by trying to deceive us into believing that femininity is not very important and we’d do well to live our lives in search of something more fulfilling. But dear women, we have been fed a great lie! As I look at the people around me and the “pattern of this world,” it becomes clear to me that the devil, in many ways, is successfully extinguishing the beautiful, inviting, comforting light of femininity that God revealed through woman.

As women who want to embrace the call of God on our lives, who want to live deep in the design of our Maker, who want embrace with a whole and cheerful heart our feminine heart and body that were given to us- what do we do now? How do we get back to this place where being feminine is a good thing? What I know for sure is that we must renew our minds.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God.(emphasis mine)

Romans 12:2

Did you catch that? All around us as women we are being told by the world and others what is good, what is nice, what we should live our lives for, what’s important. We are told that you really shouldn’t have too many babies because they are a financial and physical burden. We are told that in order to look attractive we need to wear the latest styles and fashions. We are told aging is bad thing and to be avoided as best we can. We are told that what all men care about is sex and we should display our sexuality in order to attract the man that we want. We are told submission to our husbands is outdated and ridiculous. We are told most of the Bible is ancient text and not meant for our day to day living in this modern world. We are told that God is still waiting for us to get our act together. We are told you will be beautiful if… And then we even have our own thoughts on matters, our own opinions and perceptions, misguided and based on past experiences and lies of the Enemy. So how can we ever really know the beautiful plan that our adoring Maker made for us?

“But be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

This, dear sisters, is of utmost importance in reclaiming our Godly femininity. God made you. He knows you and loves you, deeply though you’ve made mistakes and had a rebellious heart. He couldn’t stand to be apart from you, so He sent His Son into the world, through a woman and she gave birth to a little baby boy, Jesus. He took your punishment for your mistakes and rebellious heart on Himself and died on a cross to win you back for His own, not so we could continue living in fear that God wants to punish us… no, but to live with Him in right relationship to be all we should have been before the fall of man, to be all we are meant to be now, and to enjoy the fellowship of our Creator.

“…You have also become dead to the law through the body of Christ, that you may be married to another- to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God.”

Romans 7:4

Is that not the most beautiful picture of God calling our feminine hearts to Himself? I have caught a beautiful shimmering glimpse of who I was really made to be as a woman, and it is taking my breath away. I pray this post will draw you closer to the heart of God, not to the God you think you know, but to the real heart of God. To the only One that can satisfy our feminine hearts. I pray you seek eagerly God’s word on matters such as femininity, being a wife and bearing children. I pray you will find what your precious feminine heart has always been searching for.

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