The Salvation Steps; in brief

15 Dec

This was an email I sent out to someone, thought I may as well send it to all:

I am totally saved and have had witnesses to the evidence of that salvation.  I was trying to find out if we were on the same page as to how that is accomplished.  Your email was enough to tell me we are not.  While you must believe, you CANNOT believe yourself into heaven.  Maybe you agree with this and are not saying it, or maybe, like so many others, you have been mislead into disregarding nearly ALL the Disciples works.  Here’s the way I see and know it to be, 1.) repentance – Yes you must do this, but you can’t just say it, OR DO it.  You must perform the outward act that was laid down by Jesus, John the Baptist and all the disciples as your public statement that this is in fact your day of repentance from sins against God and turning away from the ways of the world and following the ways of God, and, yes you must go forth from that point in true belief that the Lord has forgiven your sins thru this act-statement. Which, by the way is the Water Baptism, by full immersion and the words “I Baptize you in the Name of Jesus Christ” called over you.  Not one baptism in the bible ever used the three titles that some use.  2.) You must seek to be filled with the Holy Ghost – and you cannot claim that of yourself or because you had even a genuine “touch” from God, which would make one feel pretty good but, it is not the sign.  There is a definite sign, it happened every time someone received the Holy Ghost in the Bible and it must happen today! That would be, while you’re praying and seeking this gift of in-fillment from God, that your prayer begins to come forth from your mouth in another language, that you have not previously learned or practised, this is the evidence and it must happen!  You don’t even need a witness to it if you can honestly say that this has happened to you, besides, it’s likely to  happen many times once you receive the initial filling.  The other things you stated, the believing that He did die and rose again, etc… all good and correct.

While I’m here, I may as well mention, there is a third Baptism.  Some in my own circles are so scared to embrace this that, like other scriptures, it just gets ignored.  This would be the Fire Baptism.  It is a real full imersion baptism like the first two, with one Major difference!  YOU and everyone on the planet WILL go thru this Baptism of Fire!!! No exceptions.  Many falsely believe that the fire baptism was either the cloven tongues of fire in the upper room, or the “fiery” trials we go thru here on earth.  While both of those are very real, they are NOT the fire baptism.  That baptism will be the very very last act that God will perform toward us, yes HE will DO this baptism, before entry into the true eternity He has waiting for us. In fact, that IS the entry into eternity, for all! You will either go thru the fire with Him, emerging into His “world”, or you will simply enter into the fire, and you will have entered “your” eternity, the fire itself!

Now, like I said, I could be wrong about your position on this, but I am not wrong about mine.

May The God of all creation guide you most correctly with all love, regardless of our positions.

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