The Measure of Faith!

01 Dec

             I have heard, so many times, people talk about the measure of faith that God gave each man.  I’ve heard long sermons given on several different concepts of the phrase and most of them focus on the measure being an amount.  And then they try to tie it to other verses about increasing that amount.  I must say that never made sense to me.  I can’t remember, of course, every sermon I’ve heard but, if someone got it right it sure slipped by me.  On the occasion the Lord let me in on this I couldn’t believe how simple yet, how extreme the answer really was!


Romans 12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.


             Have you ever heard the saying ‘If you love something, let it go. If it returns to you, then it’s yours; and if it does not, then it never was.’?  Well, when you read Romans 23:3 above, that’s exactly the situation Paul is trying to get across to you.  Every man did get an ‘amount’ of faith but, to measure that amount would be absolutely unfathomable!  Because, as I have said with several other Bible terms now, it’s not your faith! It’s God’s Faith. And He didn’t “give” any of it.  That, of course, means it would not be a unit of measure for our faith but, a unit of measure for all the Faith that God possesses.  The unit of measure could not be a volume amount but, if the strength of it could be measured…  I could not begin to imagine yet, I know it’s more than most people even give thought to.

            I would like you to consider, or imagine, for a minute that you are the responsible person in the lives of your children.  You’re a parent, you love them with all your heart, and you would die for them, if that would save them in a moment of danger.  However, there are some dangers that are much more subtle in their damage to a child, or anyone else, really.  For instance, due to your child’s associations and new-found after school activities, you start to see less of them at home.  The situation turns into staying out late, not getting up in the morning, missing school, and avoiding the authority figure – you.  And, thru some source, or another, you are made aware that your child, your offspring that you know so well, has sneaked out of the house at night and is becoming part of a growing group of no less than seedy characters!

            Now, you suddenly have a rejuvenated desire to protect your child from further harm and correct your lack of attention.  You want to jump in with both feet and stomp the evil right out of their life!!  Only, alas, if you take your anger to that group, you may at the very least lose your chance to help your child, as you’re carted off to jail.  You soon realize that the only place to effect a change, and it’s the correct place, is with your child.  If every parent did that there would be no ‘seedy’ groups.  So, now, the question is “What will you do?!”

            Will you ground them? Will you lock the doors, board up the windows? Will you request a transfer from your company and move away.  Here is the question that may bring this lesson into focus.             To what lengths will you go, to rescue your child from this danger?  What measures will you employ to ensure their safety, and that they live to have a long life.  Would you do these drastic things or, perhaps, after you calm down and think it thru, you realize that your child will be 17, 18 or so, in just a few months.  And you think hard on what measure you will use to convert their ways, because the last thing you want is for their hatred for the establishment to become a hatred for you.  So, what measure will you deal them?  And then you decide!  You’re going to explain your love for them, your fear for them.  You’re going to educate them on the truth of the situation, or at least expose them to both sides, because they probably haven’t been.  And you are going to tell them that they are always welcome home, when they leave the evil behind.  And last, but certainly not least, you are going to express clearly, perhaps emotionally, your faith, in them.  Now, you must show them that you have faith that they will make the right choices, and return to their upbringing.  So, you give them a hug, and say “Good luck, you’re free to go.”


Romans 12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.


            God loves us with a love that we are not even capable of.  But, He had to let us go, to see if we would return.  He also had to give us other choices and even temptations else, our choice would be meaningless.  The Bible says God tempts no one.  I see that as just making sense; do you think you could resist a real temptation from the creator of the universe?!  And, again, it would defeat the purpose.  But, knowing it had to be done, Satan was allowed in.  In the world of the Old Testement, Satan had gained a lot of ground.  The false teachings of the “religeous powers” were begining to become the accepted truth.  But God has a plan.  And after a while, just as you had done, it was time for God to reassert His faith in us.

            While we were yet young and unaware of the dangers to come, God came robed in flesh in the form of the Man Jesus.  Whether or not he would die for us was not left to question or debate.  He went to the cross and died there to give us a way to return to Him!  And in so doing, He reaffirmed the faith, His Faith, that He has had in us, all along!  Yet, before He went He, too, through His Gospel and His Disciples, educated us.  About Himself, the cunning of Satan and the choices we have.  He taught us that the measure he went to, to gain us back, was to put His faith in us, and let us go.  And also, as Paul said here, that no one is above another, because God has faith in everyone you see, the same as you!  That’s the measure He went to.  What measures will you go to, to get back? 

           Will you express your desire by leaving your ungodly ways and seeking the life of the righteous?  Will you provide God and your peers with a public statement of your choice by simply going under the water to be baptized, believing all the while that God wants this done and that He will wash away your sins for it?  With that you also take on His name; will you lift it up before others?  And will you seek the free gift of His Spirit, the in-filling of the Holy Ghost until you have the absolute sure evidence of it, the speaking of other tongues, a language you’ve not learned. 

            God didn’t just put His faith in us.  I have said already, that  since it was actually Gods Faith in that scripture, it could not be measured.  And even though he did not “give” us any, by measurement, the faith He is holding in us, the faith He holds toward us, for us, expects us to do exactly these things. 

            What measure will you deal Him?  Lord Bless you always!


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