Thank You, and A Repost Request….

08 Nov

First let me ask that you repost the link that brought you here so all those that connect to you may have at least one chance to have a look around for themselves. Thank you for that.  Now….

I’m writing this post primarily to thank all you who have confirmed on Facebook, Twitter and the others.  Although my primary purpose is to spread my writing as far as I can, and gain readers in the process, it is not lost on me that none of you had to do this and some of you most certainly hesitated.  I would ask that you read the Who Am I page at the top and you may begin to know me, or know me again.  Some of you and I share ancient history, and neither of us are the same today.  So, feel free to send me an email about you, your life, whatever.  And if you don’t feel close enough, or just don’t want to, that’s ok. I’m not really asking anyone to, just saying, feel free.  Let me know if you have a blog!

If you clicked on this post, in whatever application, you’ve found one of my blogs. The second one can be accessed via the buttons at top.  Please, look around, and tell me what you think.  I really want comments of your opinion on the topics and content of each post that interest you.  Obviously, I feel the Bible studies are important but, here is the most important thing I could tell you; anything to do with God and your relationship with Him must come about as an act of your own free will!  So, I’m not here to push, convert, convince, beg or plead.  I am here to share, teach, discuss and discover.  And most importantly, find as many as I can that would have a look at what flows out, so possibility exist of having a seed planted.

If you really don’t want the religious side of me, I’m ok with that.  I am not a religious fanatic, not at all!  Just a normal guy with normal memories like you but, sometime I like to write them down,too.  So, like I said, go check out my short stories.  None of this is meant to be professional, it’s just sharing.

Thank you very much, who ever you are, and I hope that all this, any of this, will be of benefit you all!

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