Modesty, the Church and What Guys Think…

05 Nov
I was doing some “tag surfing”, following some links to key words that were posted for my site to find similar sites, and I found this posting that I was very impressed with. I found two actually; I’ll get the other one up momentarily, by the same author. Her blog is The Gentle Home. Check it out!

Modesty, the Church and What Guys Think…


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When I wrote about Godly femininity recently, there was much I wanted to say- more that I didn’t really dive into. There were many responses from the two posts, as it seems femininity is a strangely controversial topic these days, and I didn’t quite know how to respond to all of them. I could continue to make my case, that God is good and loving and His plan has our best interests at heart, or I could be silent, knowing that those who were determined to pervert what I was trying to convey would do so regardless. The fact that God has clearly outlined pictures of how women are to behave, dress, act and speak seems to go unnoticed in this fast paced, take charge, do-everything-a-man-can-do world we live in. Nevertheless, it is there, waiting for us to see the beauty in His plan and take hold of it, and by doing so we’ll shine ever brighter in this dark world.

Modesty was something I really wanted to talk about. Modesty in attitude and behavior, but more specifically, modesty in dress. To be quite honest, dressing modestly was not something I ever really thought about before in my Christian walk. I knew there were certain things I really should not wear, i.e. miniskirts, or really low cut blouses, but other than that I never really gave it a second thought. I actually loved the latest trends and loved wearing cute styles that showed off my fashion sense. When I began to look into scriptures that described the woman of God, I couldn’t help but notice how her appearance was mentioned:

“And in like manner also that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel with propriety and discretion…” 1 Tim 2:9

“…to be discreet, chaste…” Titus 2:5

“Do not let your adornment be merely outward…rather let it be the hidden person of the heart…” 1 Peter 3:3-4

God had already been working on my heart by the time I read these scriptures. I felt a deep conviction that I was to honor God with my body that the way I look was to be pleasing to God, as His child and also as the Christ‘s beloved. I am to be the glory of my husband, be pleasing to him in dress and conduct and to give him honor in front of others. My sexuality is not to be flaunted in any way and is to be kept only for my husband. I realized some things I wore that I thought were modest, were really not… God has a much better perspective than I do. That is why we must go to Him to know the way in which we should behave, act and dress.

But it is much more than that.

As I studied this issue of modesty, I found something I did not expect. I found beauty. I found that God does not hand out orders for us to obey because he delights in giving us rules to follow, no… His plan for us is perfect and beautiful, just as He is perfectly beautiful, and in our sinful human minds we often cannot see the wisdom of His ways. I found myself falling before Him, the God who is extravagantly
beautiful, holy and pure. And the most wondrous part of all is that He desires that we share in all that He has and is.

Ladies, God desires your beauty. He desires that you be beautiful for Him. What a thought! But He also desires our holiness and the two go hand in hand. He does not want you to have the beauty that the world offers or the kind that it defines, but only His complete beauty. He longs to give to us what is His. He longs to wash us to make us clean. He longs to clothe us. He longs to make us beautiful.

I found a wonderful blog post titled, “What Guys Think about Modesty.” It really moved me and opened my eyes and I hope you will take a few minutes and watch the video at the end.

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11 Comments (+add yours?)

You are right on! Thank you for your blog. It has been such a sad thing to see how society has corrupted us. I remember when my daughter was in Kindergarten and we had trouble finding decent clothes for her to wear. Madonna was the rage at that time and she was influencing the clothing industry. I was so shocked to see parents allowing their daughters to where sensual clothing that even adult women shouldn’t wear in public. And then when it became popular for women to wear what we call lingerie and camisoles for their shirts was absolutely amazing. The industry took something that was meant for privacy and brought it out in the open. Women invite problems for themselves when they dress in ways that draw men’s eyes to them. They also take the surprise out of it for any man they may marry. It all serves to keep men and women focused on the wrong things. Modest dress would help to curb our natural desires and give us the chance to focus on some other things, like God.


  • Linda
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 03:38:44

Just don’t wear those black stockings and grandma shoes.


Linda, you always make me laugh


Definitely not. Nothing says we can’t be attractive, just be decent about it.


  • Mea
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 06:08:35

Sorry I have to be the adversary…again (rolls eyes) lol. Actually I don’t disagree with you a whole lot here. Yes you are right the bible does give a description of how God wants men and women to act dress and behave. Woohoo we agree! Lol. Actually I just wanted to give my POV. Not saying yours is wrong because it isn’t. Just that to me modesty differs from community to community. If you were to go back in time and wear what you are wearing now you wouldn’t be very modest lol. The Amish might not consider you very modest. However within your community you are very modest. Muslims consider a woman who covers her hair and skin modest women. I knew a Gothic Muslim. OMG she was such a sweetie! But I wouldn’t consider her modest because she stuck out like a sore thumb yet she was very modest in the eyes of other Muslims. I have done rituals skyclad and that was considered modest within that group of people. Modesty varies even within the Christian community. Most Pentecostals believe that woman should not have short hair and should only wear skirts. But that’s their thing, and you know my perception. Whatever brings you closer to God.
Yes I am more open with my sexuality but in my community it is acceptable. (NOT SAYING I SLEEP AROUND! just needed to clarify. I am monogamous) and it doesn’t bother me that you feel otherwise.
As far as the do-anything-a-man-can-do mentality. That’s not mine. I don’t believe I can do anything a man can do; I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. And from my perspective that seems to be more of the mentality now a days. Not saying that you are wrong because you experience the world differently than I.
I think it’s still possible to wear those miniskirts and tube tops and low cut blouses. Wear pants underneath a short skirt or dress; wear a shirt under a low cut blouse or tube top. I’m notorious for dressing in layers but that’s just because I am weird like that. I am not trying to seek attention I just wear whatever makes me feel comfortable. If people don’t like it that’s their problem not mine. I’m not here to please everyone, only myself and most importantly Deity. I suppose that’s why to some extent I disagree with the video. Not on the topic of modestly but the topic of sin. I won’t go into detail about it for the simple fact that I don’t want to start a war lol. We have enough of that in the world and I just want to be hippie right now.
Once again I am NOT disagreeing with you. In fact I do agree with you for the most part. What I agree most with is pleasing God, not the world. Yes ma’am! Once again this wasn’t an argument just my POV that’s all. You are a beacon of light to many Christian women and you make a lot of Christian women say to themselves, “Wow, she’s right!” You do plant a lot of seeds. Be silent only when you listen, never out of fear. I think you are doing good. Keep it up….oh and write a book. =) (Hugs, Hugs)


Thanks for your always interesting comments! I agree, the technicalities of what is modest and what is not can change, and while there may be small gray areas I still think there is mostly black and white. I love how Romans puts it- if it causes your brother to stumble- don’t do it, or in this case, don’t wear it.


  • Mea
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 15:38:04

    Lol I’m glad you thought it was interesting. I just thought it was cool to see how modesty differs from culture to culture. Your right it’s both gray and black and white. It’s such a strange thing.

  • Lacey
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 14:48:30

I appreciated this post! What I enjoyed most about it was your willingness to be convicted and led by the Holy Spirit. We should always be willing to change anything and everything for Him.


Thanks! I agree!


Rodi, you’re right on in your words. Thank you for sharing what all women/girls, ALL Mea, need to adhere to. My only negative for you might be, maybe you should consider changing you “about” picture to match your post. I’m assuming you’re on the learning curve and your conviction hasn’t quite caught up with our new knowledge. So, just carry-on, you’re on the fight track.

But, my goodness, Mea. Different communities still have the same God! And He doesn’t have different rules for you. No matter how many communities you go to, you still take the same body, modify it for modesty! Some communities would have you jailed and beaten for not doing so; while the consequences of others would have you so sexually tortured you’d wish for a quick end. I most certainly am not a religious fanatic but, here’s what’s got me on my box:

I’m notorious for dressing in layers but that’s just because I am weird like that. I am not trying to seek attention I just wear whatever makes me feel comfortable.

You have no idea, or just totally disregard the fact, that you have a RESPONSIBILITY in how you dress and it is not to look better that the girl next to you. Please keep reading this blog, or mine, or others maybe it’ll sink in that Satan has gotten you without even a struggle by shielding you from the truth and allowing you to be comfortable in your own false reasoning. I’m sorry to be so grumpy, because, believe it or not, I love you! I do not know you, don’t worry, but because your Gods’, I love you and that forces me to tell you the truth. Moreover I love Him, and I don’t want Him to have to suffer the pain of losing you when it’s all over. Please consider these things carefully. Lord bless you, really.


Thank you for your comments! And about my “about” picture- I actually had thought of that previously…about changing it, and I think maybe I will! I would really hate that what people see of me on the outside, does not reflect the love I have for Heavenly Father.


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2 responses to “Modesty, the Church and What Guys Think…

  1. thegentlehome

    November 5, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Just thought I would clarify for anyone reading this…the links highlighted in blue were not words linked in my original post, but were after they were re-posted. Which is fine, just thought I would say so.

    • Lloyd Duncan

      November 5, 2011 at 1:44 pm

      Wordress automaticly choose words for tagging and searching. It’s random and therefore can be different with each post. I think it helps really, so, yes, it;s fine, but no it wasn’t really done by me. And thanks for coming by.


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