The Homosexual Affliction

02 Nov

The world is run rampant with those claiming they know the truth based on what is seen, or felt, or heard from others in their social environment. It is a very dangerous situation, to say the least. In fact, it will be the downright death in the uttermost since of the word to those not seeking the truth from its “true” source. This really is an affliction upon everyone who harbors these kinds of thoughts and desires. The Upper Room experience was initiated and fueled by the gathering of like-minded individuals. Not to diminish the Lord’s part in this in any way, but the 120 were there to express their faith and obedience, their love and worship, and the very atmosphere of purpose became so powerful that it spilled out onto the street and caused the gathering of a great number of others who became the witness and the influenced.

    Today in our world the power of the gathering of like-minded people is still a force so great that it causes extraordinary things to happen. The homosexual “movement” is nothing more than the effect of witness and influence of a mass spiritual affliction. The numbers involved are staggering. And the number of those that participate, as well as those that support the affliction, but claim their own heterosexual status, is growing so fast that it shall not be stopped during our time on this earth. When the Lord takes over, well, at that time the matter will be between Him and them.

    And what about our time? How is the born again seeker of truth to deal with the onslaught of something so powerful that they can’t begin to stand against it? They may find it sickening at the least, and absolutely terrifying if it shows up in their family. What do we do if this sickness of the spirit, and the soul that harbors it, is standing right in front of us. Should one try to stop the very real forces of the demonic gay movement? Simply put, no. Should we just let it go; allow them to die the death they deserve? Most certainly not! That would be the exact opposite of righteousness.

    The first step in fighting an addiction is getting someone to realize they have one while at the same time – convincing them of the harm in it. And then the last thing you want to do is throw a barrage of childish Bible based rhetoric at them; so that your first attempt to reach them becomes your last! Be not confused! If you think I just said the Bible is rhetoric then you’re exactly the person I speak of in this portion of writing. Please, pay attention.

    The person that you may know with this affliction is likely to be described in one of three ways; a.) He knows the truth, and is in turmoil and struggle, b.) He knows of his wrong, but not of the truth, or c.) He glories in his sin, hasn’t got a clue of his wrong or the truth. Will any of this matter, come judgment? No! But we’re not at judgment, we’re at today, and it matters a great deal. If you want any hope of reaching one of these afflicted you must know which situation you’re dealing with and be prepared accordingly. Let’s say that (c.) above describes a creature that, for whatever reason, you have to kill. However, this creature is made of pure liquid. You shoot it with your Ten Commandment pistol; stab it with the Sodom and Gomorrah knives and all he sees is you being a threat as he continues in his ‘activities warranting death’. I know this is a bit science fiction but, try to get the point. (And NEVER think to do this, it’s an analogy!)

    The Bible is most certainly the undisputed, infallible word of God, it is not rhetoric! Unfortunately, about 9 out of 10 times that scripture passes thru human eyes and ears; it comes out of the mouth as just that. If you go in to this situation with scriptures blazing and cross waving, you’ve only got a 33% chance you’ve brought it to the right group, (a.), and then only a 3% chance that you and he both have a correct like-mindedness as to the context, content, and comprehension of the scriptures. Anyone can break out of these numbers through prayer and fasting and step up to be a mighty prayer warrior and instrument of healing. Most, no matter their age in Christ, simply are not.

So, how do we prepare, for this or any other affliction? Seek understanding! All you need to understand about the affliction is that the afflicted, no matter his/her outward expression of acceptance, is the victim and not due any further injury from you. But, this is not the understanding I refer to. Everyone knows that we are to worship in truth and in spirit. However, it is most often overlooked that we have to study in this same manner. That is to say, don’t just store the words in heart and mind, but study for true comprehension. Seek to really know the bible stories, and not just the words that make up the story, there is a difference. Pray while you study, read a passage or two over several times before you move on asking the Lord to reveal to you the true knowledge of His word so that you may attain wisdom, which only comes from Him. If you think you’ve got the right scriptural ammunition, the right biblical weapon, and you don’t; your target will discern in you – your truth; i.e. your lack of Biblical accuracy. So, before you go into this, or any other battle, make sure you’re the person for the job.

     We are to save our loved ones even if we have to snatch them from the very fire of judgment. Therefore, do not take anything I say here to mean that you should not act. Rather, that because the saving of a soul is so vitally important, your action may need to be calling upon someone else. Every one of those who stand on this immorality has someone, a non-afflicted someone, who loves them. If you’re a Christian, you’re supposed to love them, and love is something that you do! Remember the frustrated disciples who said ‘Lord, why can’t we cast out these demons?’ and He responded ‘…only by prayer and fasting.’? Well, in the meantime, you contribute by prayer, fasting, and standing on the Word of God.

     So, what about the other two groups? If they don’t care for who God is, or anyone coming in His name, then they will not care for any material you bring to assault them with. Understand – you are assaulting them! They want their freedom in all things just as you do and you are attacking that freedom. But, what you must do first is simple; forget about fighting the affliction. Their soul, their very core being of consciousness, has to get a taste of something that would cause a desire within itself to betray its’ current lusts for that evil. And that something else needs to be the presence of the Lord, a new love relationship. Remember the liquid creature you couldn’t shoot or stab? What if you infused his liquid-self with another liquid, say, some Holy Ghost wine?! Work on that and the rest of your steps will be guided by the Lord.

    Let’s go back to the top. The subject of this paper is not how to cure the homosexual. The intended subject is what you as a true Christian should do in this, or like, situations. I had said that one should not try to fight the homosexual movement, and one should not. Not as an individual. Movements are fought with movements! Pray for revival! Create an upper room, like-minded environment of purpose! As an individual, remember what you’ve read here about helping a loved one and act accordingly. Again, as an individual, you are not called to be God’s police. If you meet a “gay” person, don’t attack them with scorn and verbal abuse! They are not an affliction, they have an affliction! You are to show your faith by your actions. This situation is exactly where to exercise this verse. Any words that come out of your mouth should express your stand on your faith and your belief that this is not of God. Hold your faith and stand; just don’t stand on the afflicted person.

    You don’t have to attack, but you do have to stand on your faith and teachings. Stand on your Holy Ghost power that will allow you to do the influencing and them to be the receiver of! Tell them plainly and calmly that you think it is a spiritual sickness that will cause them an eternity of pain and suffering beyond anything they could imagine, but you are not here to stop them or interfere in any way without being asked to do so. Tell them it’s wrong and that you will never be a supporter of the affliction but, you will be a supporter of the soul within them that wants an eternity with God.

    Lord, I pray that this, your message, will reach those that have a need and be a guidance and support for them in the furtherance of your Kingdom, in the Holy Name of Jesus! Amen.

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