What did Jesus write on the ground?

15 Oct

I was sitting here at the desk, commenting on a post at another blog by an obviously very troubled young woman.  During my writing, I had refered to my righteousness post and, it occurred to me, with a clear picture of Jesus knelt down, but rising, that the Hebrews of the day, probably did have the deeper, core understanding of righteousness.  I blinked my eyes and mumbled “what?”  I mean, where did this picture come from, why is it here with this thought?

This happens  often, actually.  Less, now, than before, but that’s my fault.  Haven’t stayed active in talking with the Lord.  I’m trying to improve that, now.  Anyway, before I recognized His being the source of this, mere seconds mind you, I saw Him rise and face a small group of men.  They were looking at the ground, at writing; and I knew then what story I was watching.  Righteousness.  That very well may have been what He wrote on the ground.  I don’t know what the word looks like in Aramaic, but still.  If they had the full understanding of the word, or at least the understanding I will share in the near future, see the inaugural post, it makes complete sense.  They were acting in unrighteousness, in sin.  “Let him who is without sin,” or wishes to commit one thru this unrighteous act, “throw the first stone!”  It doesn’t matter if it was the actual word, it is a great confirmation of the meaning and understanding I have chosen to stand on.  Thank you Jesus for all your teaching, as always. In Jesus Name.

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