What is your deeper, core understanding of _______________?

10 Oct

Hello everyone and Welcome to Messages from God!

I hope the title of this post gives you some idea of what I want to accomplish on a somewhat ongoing basis.  I will insert a word or phrase or question for you to express your thoughts on, answer or disregard, but please don’t.  Any response you send me will be handled as you wish; private between us, passed to the public or just opened for discussion.  I am asking you to take part if you have any knowledge, input or opinion, or if you want to gain such things about the topic at hand.

Please, respond either in the comments, or by the e-mail link, which I would prefer.  You can send a note, page or full lesson/sermon or whatever you want to share.  When I have reviewed all the responses and closed the window, I will post my response.  Then following, we will exchange reviews of each other and I will do my best to supply a summary.  Don’t forget, from the Who Am I page above, I am here to teach and spread the understanding of Bible topics as the Lord has given them to me.  However, He did not call me to be the Doctrinal Police.  If we disagree when we’re done, well, that’s just where we’ll be.  I wish to express our thoughts side by side for whoever wishes to see.  Through prayer and study of the word each visitor shall have to develop his/her own understanding and thereto their own relationship with God Himself.

So, todays word,  RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Put it in the title sentence, develop your response and email me, PLEASE!

One more thing, the window for this inaugural post and exchange will open for a while because I don’t have all the contact information for some people I wish to hear from specifically; like clergy, dedicated community christians, or anyone YOU may want to hear from.  So to help me, please send this to them in some way and ask them to join in. If I have enough comments I will try move to the next subject come each new month, with this one probably going through Nov. 2011.



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